Tips for Headshot

  • What to wear?

    There is no single answer to what to wear for a professional photoshoot.

    That's because you need to think about what industry you're in, and how people in that industry dress.

    For example, lawyers working at traditional, conservative companies usually wear formal outfits and stick with darker, conservative colors.

    People at startup technology companies often wear casual outfits and brighter colors.

    For artists (such as authors, musicians, painters, etc.) the rules are looser because there is no standard expected clothing style.

    Don't Be Afraid to Bring a Few Options

    Keep in Mind How Far Out the Image Will Be Cropped

    Avoid Strong Patterns

    Avoid Distracting Accessories

    Avoid Sleeveless Tops

    Avoid Clothes That Don't Fit Well

    Avoid Shiny Clothing

  • Backdrop?

    Are you a lawyer? CPA? Financial advisor? Or are you a teacher? Writer? Marketing consultant? Computer programmer?

    Did you know that different backgrounds work for better for certain professions than others?

    ​Formal Business Portraits - Dark Gray






    Relaxed Professional - Light Gray 






    Fitness Trainers

    Health Professionals

    Hospitality & Tourism Directors


    Life Coaches

    Non-Profit Workers


    Real Estate Brokers


    Sales People




    No Background Business - White



    Media & News casters


    Web Developers

  • Be confident !

    One of the biggest questions we get is how to look more confident on camera. Some people worry that their eyes look too wide, others that their expression looks unnatural, and still others (especially people who look young) that they won’t project the confidence to enable people to take them seriously in their line of work.

    The goal with this article is to hopefully show you that no matter how uncomfortable you normally are on-camera normally, a few tricks can help you go from looking worried, anxious, and fearful to relaxed, happy, and confident! I truly believe that everyone is much more photogenic than they think!

    Mechanics are very important, but even more crucial is your mental focus during a photoshoot. My belief is that one can never have a completely realistic expression without embodying the actual emotion in one's body and just being themselves.

    If you’re just beginning the shoot and you’re not comfortable on-camera yet, you'll want to relax a bit and laugh so you calm down and get used to being in front of a lens. Even though your goal might be to capture a confident, serious expression, you should try doing some laughter shots for the first few minutes until you relax and feel comfortable.


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